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Glass Straight Line Edging Machine Ultra-white Glass
  • Glass Straight Line Edging Machine Ultra-white Glass
Détails d'emballage: Containers and wooden boxes
productivité: 10 units per month
transport: Ocean
Lieu d'origine: CHINA
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 10 units per month
Certificats : CE
Hafen: Qingdao
Informations de base

Modèle: KTTJ-SD06

Description du produit
KTZB Vertical Linear Glass Edging and Grinding Machine
KTZB vertical linear glass edging machine is a clear and efficient glass deep processing equipment. The critical support parts such as the guide rail frame and the motor seat are cast iron castings and processed after natural aging. They have the advantages of flat, smooth, beautiful, and non-deformed, to ensure the accuracy of the whole machine after long-term use; Some use worm gears for variable speed, uniform and continuous speed change, and a wide range of speed adjustment (0-4 m/min) to meet the different processing needs of other manufacturers. The clamping part adopts a high-quality timing belt. The surface is adhered to with PU and red glue, which ensures the proper clamping force and friction force and solves the problem that ultra-thin glass is easily broken and challenging to be clamped and transported. The grinding system adopts a three-phase high-speed motor and the latest technology grinding wheel, which is especially suitable for long-term small and medium glass crafts manufacturers. It accepts the platform and uses the same timing belt with the conveying mechanism to avoid surface scratches during glass operation. Some organically cooperate with working parts, people-oriented, highlighting the humanized design. The method of use is simple and straightforward, and the grinding accuracy is stable and continuous. The whole work process can be monitored through the transparent observation window, which is clear at a glance. It is an ideal choice for glass deep-processing enterprises, especially glass handicraft manufacturers.
Advantages & Features

The Advantages of Vertical Glass 45° Linear Edging Machine

The machine adopts electric control and is mainly used for glass bottom edge and front large chamfer edging and polishing. The angle of the front five motors can be adjusted between 0°-45°. The machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate. It is suitable for engineering glass and Mass production of furniture glass. It is a special machine suitable for grinding the flat edge of flat glass. The machine can finish the rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the 45℃ edge of the flat edge at one time. The transmission drive adopts mechanical stepless speed regulation, with a large adjustable range and stable speed change. , The front and rear beams, and the base bed are all made of cast iron, which has good stability, convenient operation, simple operation, stable performance, and reliable quality. It can be controlled by PLC programmable controller.

The variable frequency adjustment motor

The equipment is equipped with a variable frequency adjustment motor, and the operator can directly operate the rotary switch on the panel, intelligently adjust and transform the processing speed, the speed is stable, and the damage caused by manual adjustment could be avoided.

The independent digital display

The front beam of the equipment is equipped with an independent digital display. When adjusting different thicknesses of glass, the front chamfering grinding head can move synchronously with the front beam. The structure is advanced, convenient and accurate.

The high temperature annealing treatment

The equipment girder base castings are treated with high-temperature annealing to improve or eliminate various structural defects and residual stresses caused by steel casting, forging, rolling, and welding, prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece, and make the equipment have a longer service life.

The front and rear pressure plates of the grinding parts

The front and rear pressure plates of the grinding parts, are made of 40Cr sectioned material, and the friction surface is subjected to high-frequency quenching treatment and fine grinding to make it more wear-resistant

The rolling bearing structure of conveyor belt

The conveyor belt adopts a rolling bearing structure, and each splint is equipped with 3 types of specially customized bearings, a total of 5 bearings, which are load-bearing bearings, guide bearings and buckle spring bearings, so that the friction force during glass processing is small and the transmission is more stable.

The all-in-one Glass Grinding

The equipment can complete rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, and chamfering at one time. It has advanced structure, high precision, convenient operation and high work efficiency. It is suitable for glass edging processing in large-scale crafts, furniture, home appliances, construction and other industries.


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  Kation-Tech, fondée en 2009, se spécialise dans la R & D, la production et la vente de machines de verre isolant et d'équipements auxiliaires connexes pour l'industrie de transformation en profondeur du verre et l'industrie de la construction de portes et fenêtres. A la base de traitement professionnel des machines de verre isolant, des machines de fenêtres et de portes en aluminium-plastique et des matériaux auxiliaires connexes, etc. Jusqu'en 2019, nous avons exporté des machines et des matériaux en verre vers l'Amérique, l'Amérique du Sud, l'Europe, le Moyen-Orient, l'Inde et ainsi de suite, près de 30 pays et régions. Nous avons établi une relation commerciale internationale parfaite avec 10 agents puissants et nous nous sommes efforcés ensemble de construire une marque internationale célèbre dans le monde. Kation-Tech, avec savoir-faire, profession et honnêteté, gagne l'avenir avec vous!

Info de Compagnie
  • Nom de la compagnie: JINAN KATION TRADING CO.,LTD
  • représentant: jichangpeng
  • Produit / Service: Ligne de production de verre isolant , Machine à cintrer les entretoises , Robot de scellage de verre isolant , Verre Lifter , Machine de découpe de verre , Machine à laver en verre
  • Capital: 3000000RMB
  • Année d'Etablissement: 2009
  • Volume total annuel des ventes (en millions de US $): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Pourcentage des exportations: 41% - 50%
  • Total volume d'achat annuel (en millions de US $): Below US$1 Million
  • Nombre de Lignes de Production: 3
  • NombrNombre du Personnel de R&e du Personnel de R&D: 11 -20 People
  • Nombre du Personnel de QC: 5 -10 People
  • Service d'OEM fourni: yes
  • Superficie de l'Usine (mètre carré): 10,000-30,000 square meters
  • Adresse de l'Usine: Qihe
  • Personne À Contacter: Ms. June
  • Numéro De Téléphone: 86-0531-18678875966
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